OSN Palembang 2016

Thank you Agnes Natasya (10 F) and Kevin Christian (8A) who competed well in Biology and Math OSN in Palembang. You brought home 2 silver medals! Your hard work is much appreciated and may God alone be praised as a result of this happy news.







New Member in Admission Office

The school is welcoming a new staff member in admission office. His name is Aloysius Kevin Purnama. So, if you or your parents have questions or concerns regarding the admissions process, you can go to his room which is next to our principal’s office.


学校新成员- 欢迎Aloysius Kevin Purnama 老师加入播种者学校 管理部。 如果你或家人有关于注册, 管理等方面的疑问, 可以直接到校长室旁边的管理办公室咨询Aloysius Kevin 老师。

Comic Strip Contest

Thank you to Cordelia, Reynard, Gabriella, and everyone who participated in comic strip competition held by PENABUR dept. of religion. We didn’t win but we can always try again next year.


连环画比赛- 感谢学生们积极参与到播种者学校宗教部举办 的连环画比赛中。虽然我们没有获奖,但我们会继续努力,争取荣誉。在此特别感谢努力付出的学生Cordelia, Reynard, Gabriella。

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