1st Parenting Class AY 2015-2016

Parenting Class – The Guidance and Counseling Department of our school is holding the 1st parenting

class for this academic year on Saturday, 29 August 2015 at 9 – 11 a. m. with “Let’s Talk about Sex”

as the topic.  Please come to this parenting class and find out  how to deliver the right understanding

about the issue to the children.



English Youth Retreat Service

English Youth Service Retreat

Thank you for signing up for Youth Service Retreat on Friday - Saturday, 28-29 August 2015.

Please note that you still have to come to school in the morning and study until the 5th period and consider bringing only basic necessities for the retreat.

Have a wonderful time in Yasmin Hotel and may God bless you real good.

Info From BPK PENABUR Jakarta




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