Psychological Test

Psychological Test for students of 10A and 10F is on Saturday, 20 August 2016, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Come to school in your uniform and bring 2B and HB pencils. The test will help you to know your area of interest and determine which major could be a better fit for your future study.

CFYG Retret Grade 7

CIE October November 2016 Session

Dear Parents of PENABUR Secondary Kelapa Gading Upper Secondary Students,

The school would like to inform you that the registration of CIE exams for the October and November session is now open. The school is currently in the process of administering the exams.

To register, please go to The online registration will start on 25-31 July 2016. The detail information about the pricelist and the available subjects can be found there. For your information, one week before students do the online registration, they will need a recommendation first from their respective subject teachers. If the respective teacher doesn’t recommend the student to take certain subject, we also recommend the student not to take the subject in this session.

When you do the transfer, please fill in the transfer note (berita transfer) that contains the name of the student that registers. Ms. Elviliana will be in charge of the financial administration, and she is expecting to receive the printed version of the email from the online registration, and the receipt of transferred payment on Monday, August 1, 2016. The school is sorry to inform you that if you submit the above documents after the deadline, the late fee will be implemented.

Finally, the school thanks you much for your attention. Let’s hope for the best in this October - November CIE Exam session.

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