Admission Procedures

Completion of Form

Kindly come to school and register your son/daughter by accomplishing the registration fee and completing the form correctly pursuant to the instructions for completion.

Return of Forms

The completed form should be returned to PENABUR Secondary Kelapa Gading along with the required documents as mentioned below:

  1. Copy of the student’s birth certificate
  2. Copy of family card
  3. Copy of the identity card (KTP) of the parents/guardian
  4. Copy of the 4th & 5th grade transcripts (1st and 2nd semester) for future Lower Secondary (grade 7) student
  5. Copy of the 7th & 8th grade transcripts (1st and 2nd semester) for future Upper Secondary (grade 10) student
  6. A Color photograph sized 3x4 cm
  7. Copy of Primary School certificate for future grade 7 student (when available)
  8. Copy of Junior High School certificatefor future grade 10 student (when available)

Enrolment Test

Prospective students are to take the enrolment test at the school. Selection is based on the scores of academic tests comprising Mathematics test and English Test.

Enrolment Test Announcement

New student enrolment test result will be available at the school and theadmitted students will proceed to the payment process of education facilities donation (Sumbangan Sarana Pembangunan). The admission officer will help you for further information about the donation.


If the prospective student passes the selection process, the amount of educational facilities donation stated on the form, should be paid to the designated bank. The invoice/slip should be taken from the admission officer at the school. Payment is deemed complete upon delivery of the paid bank invoice/slip to the school. The students who failed in the test are allowed for taking the retest with no registration fee.

Tuition Fee

The parent/guardian must fill in a statement letteraffirming the preferred payment category for the tuition fee.

Annual Fund

The annual fund is payable at the start of the academic year by the time specified. This annual fund will be used for student activities of one academic year.

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